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Welcome to R.A.A.2 Airsoft team. Also know as Real Action Airsoft. We will accept everyone into the team, but this team is mainly meant for kids in the age group 10-14. If you just want a team to occasionally play with and you don't want to be hardcore all the time then this is the right team for you. You don't need to have a really good gun to join, in fact you can just have a pistol if you want. You will choose your codename that our team will call you on the airsoft field. You will start out as a FNG and work your way up the ranks by helping others play and showing your bravery in battle. We do not accept cheaters here and if you cheat you will be automatically booted out of the team. We will only hold games at the following parks.

**Holly Wood Sports Paintball**,**SC Village** The links to the websites are below.

Hollywood Sports

SC Village


                                                                                           **Not our airsoft team**